unspoken thoughts

I'm pretty much normal, just like everyone else. And by that, I mean I'm unique. I'm a seeker for meanings, a strong believer of God, a lover of music, and a fan of artistic works. I'd like to call myself a writer, which is why I created this Tumblr account. I want to keep writing. Because of what I'm thinking and what I feel, I want to keep writing. So I'll keep living.

In advance though, I'd like to declare that I own NONE of the photos I'm going to use in my blogs, except of course, photos of myself. All the credit to the owners! I deeply appreciate your art. =)

I’ve always been an indie junkie. Way way back from Stina Nordenstam, The Cardigans, Solveig, and Club 8…when one of my stop-overs at the mall was Tower Records - in the indie section. And I always wondered why those albums were so pricey. I’d still buy them now if there was still such a section. #memories #throwbackstory #indie #music #instamusic #90s #ipod #towerrecords #instapost #instalikes

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